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Sandals with a Tale

This is my current favorite pair of summer sandals. I love the beaded detailing and how I seem to be wearing thick matching anklets when I’m wearing them. I also love them because there’s a very sweet story of how they became mine.

I saw this pair of sandals on the feet of a Korean girl at Balboa Park with my Mom. We were waiting for the trolley to come around, and this girl walked past me when I was sitting down, perfect vantage point to check out her shoes. I pointed them out to my Mom and she agreed that it was indeed pretty and unique. This is a big deal becoz Mom and I don’t have similar tastes.

Fast forward a couple of weeks during which I entertained Mom for another week more and a visiting friend for yet another week. After the whirlwind visits during which I did not have the time to think of shoes, I finally settled down in front of the screen and saw yet another friend post about her lust for a newly bought pair of sandals, which reminded me of the sandals I saw and similarly lusted after.

Not holding out much hope, I googled “beaded sandals” and checked out the images. And lo and behold, I saw the exact pair of sandals show up! I excitedly clicked on the link, only to find that they were sold out. After checking a variety of websites for about an hour (yes, I’m obsessive, but baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!), I gave up and grumpily went about cooking dinner (I was also hungry). During dinner, the husband noticed I was down in the dumps and asked me what’s wrong. I recounted the story, not really expecting him to do anything because firstly, he was never supportive of my shopping needs, and secondly, I always thought my google searching skills surpassed him simply because I do it a lot more than him, MIT degree notwithstanding.

Much to my surprise, he turned to the computer (yes, we eat next to our computers), and began a new search, and somehow, in the time I took to finish my dinner, manage to find a site that sells the sandals! Except that particular site sells it at a much more expensive price than the sites that listed the sandals as sold out. I debated awhile, not quite willing to pay 10 bucks more, and the husband said, “Just buy it if it’ll make you happy.”

And that sealed the deal. And now I have my sandals, and a lovely story to go with it.

Now whenever I wear these sandals and look down at my feet, I’ll remember that I have these sandals because I have a husband who wants me to be happy.


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4 thoughts on “Sandals with a Tale

  1. You have lovely feet, really cute toes!

    Posted by RJ | May 8, 2013, 6:58 am


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