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Look(s) of the Day

Recently (actually, not so recently, it’s actually nearer to April), I was inspired by the beauty blogs I’ve been following to do a “Look of the Day” post. I had some time on my hands and started to play with make-up and different looks to add some fun to my days which were filled with translation work and nothing much else. However, procrastinator that I am, although I took the time with the make up and the looks, and also took photos, I never really got down to writing the posts. So I decided to do all five looks together in a post.

First Look – The Goth Girl

I was going for something a little goth which is something I never tried before ever. Red dress with a black cardigan that falls open, knee-high black heel boots and stockings, red lipstick and grey eyeshadow with black mascara. I accessorized with vintage gold jewelry, a charm bracelet and my statement travel necklace that hangs low. I didn’t do much with my hair and just brushed it loose. I don’t think the goth part succeeded, but it was certainly fun to try. And any reason to wear my knee-high boots is always welcome!

Second Look – The Eco-Green Look

Green isn’t a color I wear often but I bought this pair of extremely comfortable loose flowy pants and I fell in love with the color. It’s actually more turquoise than green. I color-coordinate so much. Here, I matched the pants with a graphic tee and green headband. I pulled my hair back because my bangs was getting long and irritating me when I work. Make up consisted of shades of green and blue eyeshadow, blush and a rose-tinted lip gloss. A custom one-piece earring in gold dripping aqua chalcedony stones completed the look. You can’t see it in the photo, but I wore beaded sandals which was quite dressy and adds to the whole look. I think this is a more causal look overall but it was very, very comfortable and still different from what I wear usually.

Third Look – The Girly Look

I did this look back in April and the temperatures were still low enough for a sweater. I love this cowl neck white sweater, it has short sleeves but it’s still comfy and warm. I paired it with a lavender skirt that I bought back in Singapore. The skirt has a unique cut that accented the look. I was going for a soft and girly look here so make up was light violet eyeshadow and pink lip gloss. Hair was left soft and loose. Shoes which cannot be seen was a pair of silver heeled sandals. Not very comfortable but so necessary for girls. Accessories were layers of silver and purple charm bracelets and a pair of grey-lavender chalcedony earrings with silver hoops. I cannot stop myself from color-coordinating! I like this look because it felt so feminine. Also, minus the shoes, it was very comfortable.

Fourth Look – The Fresh Look

I like this look because of the hair. I tied my hair back and swept it over to the side with a dragonfly barrette and I think it made a difference to the way I look. The white blouse and blue skirt I wore are really old, I must have owned them for over six years at least. I’m happy they are still being put to use! The blouse is a little dressy with embellishments, while the skirt just has that one maple leaf design at the side. Make-up was kept basic and simple in line with the fresh theme, mostly neutral tones. Jewelry was one statement celestial themed earring  and my butterfly chain. I wore a pair of blue heels with this. This was a very clean look and I love that it’s mostly blue and white, my favorite colors.

Fifth Look – The Pink Look

I love the peach blouse in this look. It’s a off-the shoulder blouse with lace embellishments; quite a unique design and so fun to wear. I don’t wear it often enough. I paired it with a pair of white pants that’s ten years old. Yes, I am still wearing clothes from ten years ago. I’m a little proud. A pink lululemon jacket that’s perfect for summer and gold ballet flats topped off the whole look. I pulled my hair back again, this time with a pink headband. Make-up was smoky eyes, which didn’t really go with the whole look, but it happened that I wanted to try this grey eyeshadow. Accessories were mismatched tiny gold earrings and a pink mother of pearl pendent.

Playing with make-up was actually what started this, and I hate that I did most of these looks so long ago that I no longer remember the exact make-up I used. But here are close-ups of the face so that the make-up is clearer. Lips in the goth look was supposed to be much redder, the photo was taken at the end of the day.

Just playing with make up and outfits and jewelry makes me happy. I am such a girl.


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