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Lock&Lock glass containers

  Being a cook to two people that really eat very little AND being a cook with a tendency to overcook usually means needing tons of storage containers. I usually depend on my Tupperware containers for easy and airtight storage, but I recently read about Lock&Lock containers on the web and I liked the idea … Continue reading

Magic Shoe-Mops

  So the husband and I split most of the house chores. We have a very clear idea of who does what. I cook and he washes the dishes. He cleans the shower while I take care of the toilet bowl. He vacuums the carpet and I mop the floor. I enjoy the cooking and … Continue reading

August Natural Voxbox

One of the songs from childhood that has always stuck in my head is “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. And one of the items Maria listed never did make much sense to me as a child. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. Doesn’t it sound boring? What’s wrong with gaily wrapped … Continue reading

“Glam Night Out” Look

As a work-at-home (or cafes with wifi) freelance translator and part-time pilates instructor, I don’t get a chance to dress up very often. Add in the fact that the husband does not notice/care what I wear when we go out on weekends/dinners, and in fact would prefer if I don’t dress up as it takes … Continue reading