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Mulling Spiced Apple Juice

Fall is my favorite season of the year, with winter running a close second. In fact, sometimes the two switch places, they regularly vie for the top spot in my heart. Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a tropical island, the colder months of the year has always been my favorites. The crispness in … Continue reading

Tea-Leaf Eggs

Today, I’m sharing a material comfort that’s very dear to the husband’s heart – food! Heh. There’s not much the husband and I agree on when it comes to material goods, but food is definitely one. So, during the week, I had a hankering for tea-leaf eggs. This craving comes not too often, but whenever … Continue reading

1st LocknLock Box!

I recently applied to participate in LocknLock’s Supporters Program and was fortunate to be chosen. And this week, we received our first LocknLock’s Box! I was very excited to see the big box waiting for me when I got home. The box was so huge the husband decided to keep it for future use. And … Continue reading

Museum Arm Candy

Whenever I feel like I need a little perk-me-up, I find that taking a few extra minutes (usually like 15-30 actually!) to fuss a little with my jewelry-of-the-day never fails to add a little shine to the day, both figuratively and literally. And some days it just adds a bit of fun. So today, we … Continue reading