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Fall Look of the Day

We had a week of lovely sunny weather over Thanksgiving; it was so warm it felt like summer! It made going back to work on Monday difficult, so I decided to dress up a little and do a look of the day. It helped so much in lifting up my mood; playing dress up is always fun!


It’s mid-Fall, but the weather was still warm from the heat-spurt from the Thanksgiving weekend. I decided to wear a light floral chiffon dress with black tights. I layered a leather jacket over it and paired it with knee-high black boots for the extra protection against the slight chilly bite of Fall.

The leather jacket is a splurge from my first pay-check from the first full-time job in 3 years. I love it because it fits me so well and is very comfy. It’s also so easy to throw on. I think every girl should get a fitted leather jacket, they go with everything. I bought the floral chiffon dress from Shilin Night Market on a family trip to Taiwan in summer of ’08. It’s pretty and I don’t wear it enough. I love layering the leather jacket and knee-high black heeled boots over the feminine chiffon for that mix of edgy and girly feel.



Dr. Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm SPF 25 PA++ : I’ve been obsessing over BB cream for awhile and I’ve discovered that I really like Dr. Jart. I got deluxe samples of both the Water Fuse BB cream and Premium BB cream awhile back and I like them both. Both of them seem to melt into my skin. I also love the fact that they both have really high SPF. The Premium BB cream seems to fit my skin color better. However, both contains parabens, so I don’t think I’ll be purchasing the full size products when I’m done with these deluxe samples. The search for the perfect BB cream continues…

I used the Josie Maran Argan Illuminizer Limited Edition Gold as a highlighter on the cheekbones and the corners of the eyes. I’m going to do a full review on two sets of Josie Maran products next week, so I’m not going to talk too much about it.

I used Smashbox’s O-Glow Intuitive Cheek Color with Goji Berry-C Complex as a blush. This is an amazing product. It’s colorless when you squeeze it out from the tube, and turns a bright flashy pink when you apply it to the cheeks. Then in minutes, it lightens to a natural flush. I also like the velvety finish it leaves on the cheeks. Smashbox touts it as a “intuitive cheek color that reacts with your personal skin chemistry to transform from a silky clear gel into the shade you blush naturally”. I don’t know about how intuitive it is, but the final look does look natural for me. I got this as a sample and I’m inclined to purchase the full product when I run out.


I used Afterglow’s Organic Triple Eye Treatment in Meringue as an under-eye concealer. I purchased this product awhile ago. Afterglow is a natural brand made in USA and this particular product is supposed to be certified organic. It’s supposed to conceal under eye circles, reduce puffiness and prevent fine lines and wrinkles. I’ve been using it regularly for awhile, and I honestly can’t say I see much of a difference in the latter two claims, but it does work as a concealer, and it makes me feel a little better using something organic on the sensitive skin near the eyes.

After applying the concealer, I used Earth’s Beauty eyeshadow in Sunlight all over the lids. I got this particular eyeshadow from November’s Eco-emi box and it’s supposed to be chemical free. It’s a pretty shimmering color that works well as a base. Next, I used Josie Maran’s REM pen in Glitz+Black. I used the gold eyeshadow on the crease. And I used the eyeliner brush to apply burmished gold gel liner from Physician’s Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner Glam Collection for Glam Brown Eyes. (wow, that’s a mouthful). I like these little stacked sets of cream liner. They are cute and I sometimes just smooth the burnished gold or the lavender ones over the lids for a quick eye look when I’m in a rush. They work well as cream shadows. Lastly, I used the lighter pink and gold colors from Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Eyeshadow Palatte to add a hint of glitter. I love this eyeshadow palatte! The colors are all neutral and light so they work for daily use. But they all have a hint of shimmer and glitter that looks so lovely. And the palette itself is so pretty and small.

I used Per-fekt Brow Perfection Gel in Caramel on my brows. I got a sample from Sephora and I do like how easy it is to use. For a one-time sample, it lasted me 4 uses already and doesn’t seem to be running low! This is a second sample I’ve gotten for Per-fekt. Previously, I tried their Skin Perfection Gel and I was pleasantly surprised at how silky the finish was. I’ve only used samples from this brand, but I do like what I’ve tried from them.


I used Shiseido Lip sunscreen lip balm as I always do for a base, then I applied Fresh’s Sugar Honey Tinted Lip Treatment before finishing with a dab of Josie Maran Argan Natural Volume Lip gloss in Optimism. I’ve been lusting after Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment for awhile, but I couldn’t justify the $22.50 cost per lip treatment! It’s so exorbitantly expensive for something that usually costs around $3-4 for other natural and organic brands. However, Fresh recently came out with a limited edition set of three mini lip treatments for $28. So I took advantage of the recent Sephora VIB 20% sale and caved. I also redeemed the recent Fresh 500 pt perk which included the Sugar Rose Tinted version that wasn’t in the mini trio set, so now I have 4 versions of the lip treatment, all in miniature form. I actually like the miniature form, they look so adorable!


For jewelry, I wore Jewelmint’s Krishna Diamond Earrings. I find this pair of earrings quite unique, because of the way it’s layered. It’s actually quite heavy and when I first got it, I couldn’t wear them for long. However, I slowly “trained” my ears by wearing heavier and then heavier earrings for longer times and now I can wear them for my 8-hour workday with no problems. They look glamorous, but also work well for a casual workday.

On the hands, I wore a gold vermeil ring with garnets from Novica named “Secret Love”. Novica is an online store associated with National Geographic. They sell items made by artisans from all around the world. They have a mission that I feel is impressive. You can read the story behind each artisan that you buy from. I would buy from them more if their items aren’t so expensive. This particular ring is made by an artisan in India. I like it because it looks delicate and I didn’t have a gold ring that I can wear daily. I added a vintage charm bracelet for a little jingle.

Lastly, I layered Jewelmint’s Sealed with Love necklace with a self-made Pandora-style lariat necklace.

Jewelmint’s Sealed with Love necklace is one of my favorite necklaces. It is actually a working seal that is so adorable. I used it recently on a bunch of Christmas letters, and the wax stamp is too cute for words. A friend that received the letter actually texted me recently saying he liked the wax stamp more than the letter itself! I love the little details on the pendent and the antique tone. It has a nice weight and hangs low, making it perfect for layering.

I recently bought the Pandora-style leather lariat from an online store. When I received it, I honestly didn’t know what to do with it. On a recent trip to Charleston, I bought a bunch of Pandora-style beads, one of which is that of a horse-drawn carriage, which reminded me of the cobblestone streets of downtown historic Charleston. I played with the two for awhile. Then I bought a bunch of beads from Micheal’s and played with all of them, before coming to this current style, which do look cute, if I say so myself.

And that concludes the return-to Monday-after-Thanksgiving look of the day! It is also a good summer-to-fall transition look which I’ll likely return to next year. I love the mixed vibe that the leather-chiffon pairing produces. It makes me feel like a girl that isn’t easily defined, and which girl wants to be defined easily?


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