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Lock&Lock EZ Lock containers

I’ve previously talked a lot about how I love Lock&Lock’s Boroseal Glass Containers. I love their design, the fact that they are glass and how safe they make me feel microwaving my food in them.

Recently, I received the Lock&Lock EZ Lock Pastel Round Pink set, which is a plastic set of containers, also from Lock&Lock. I find that although they are non replacement for my beloved glass Lock&Locks, they are a nice alternative and serve a very different purpose.

I wouldn’t use these containers to bring my lunch to work as they don’t feel as hardy enough. According to Lock&Lock, these plastic containers are microwavable. Perhaps, I’m paranoid, but I probably won’t use them to microwave my food regularly. I would do it occasionally though. They are, though, perfect for bringing little snacks out.

They are very light, in comparison to the glass containers. I’ve tested them, and they are also leakproof when holding liquids. I wouldn’t really suggest using them to hold soups as their lids are not as tightly locked on as the glass Boroseals. But they should hold foodstuff with a little sauce or gravy with no problems.

I like to throw a couple of these containers in my bag when going on. The husband and I have small appetites and usually cannot finish the food we order in restaurants and have to pack them home. If we have some of these containers on hand, we can pack them in to the containers. It’s more environmentally friendly then using the disposable containers the restaurants provide. The containers are so light I don’t really feel the extra weight at all in my bags.

Below, I used the set of three I received to pack some snacks for a short flight the husband and I will be taking today. I packed some éclairs, edanames and a little salad. The salad contains gravy but it should be safe in the container.

These containers are extremely useful on short trips. Not only can they hold little snacks, they are perfect for packing unfinished food in restaurants, we can even use them to microwave the food in hotels for late night snacks. I’m happy to receive them in my recent Lock&Lock Box!



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