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3rd Lock&Lock Box!

The end of Christmas doesn’t mean no more presents, today I received our third box from Lock&Lock! This time, the box consisted of three useful containers, all three of which were put to use almost immediately. The first is a light pink Easy & Simple square container. We previously received a set of three EZ … Continue reading

in hope of spring nail polish

The first few weeks in the Bay area was met by overcast skies and rainy days, which although remind me of my lovely Seattle, also made me long for spring. In an effort to lift my mood up, I resorted to the color green. I recently came across reviews of the Dior Spring 2012 Garden … Continue reading

Lash Primers

I have ridiculously short and stubby eyelashes. They are seriously one of the banes of my life. I am also cursed with the inability to apply false eyelashes. I have this quirk about my eyes. Whenever my fingers go anywhere near them, they fumble. This resulted in my inability to use contact lenses too. I … Continue reading

First Meal – Egg-fried Rice

Today marks the first meal cooked in our new home. We moved into our new apartment on Jan 2nd. People have different ways of christening a new apartment. I’m not sure how others do it, but for me, I cook. I am a believer that a home isn’t a home unless at least one meal … Continue reading