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in hope of spring nail polish

The first few weeks in the Bay area was met by overcast skies and rainy days, which although remind me of my lovely Seattle, also made me long for spring. In an effort to lift my mood up, I resorted to the color green.

I recently came across reviews of the Dior Spring 2012 Garden Party collection, and I was intrigued by the Waterlily. I have never worn green nail polish before, but the color is such a pretty shade, so I decided to splurge. This is the first I’ve ever splurged on nail polish; all the nail polish I’ve previously bought cost an average of $2 or less. This particular polish costs a hefty $23. Still, I really like the color and I figured that $20 is about the price I’ll spend on a manicure and a bottle of polish will definitely last longer than one manicure. Heh, the way we women justify our spending!

I actually really like Waterlily. It has a subtle shimmer that catches the sun beautifully. I love the shade of jade, not quite dark and not quite light. It really reminds me of spring. The nail polish is supposed to be scented. I love scented stuff so that is quite fascinating for me. I think the counter lady must think I’m crazy, she doesn’t seem to know that the polish is scented and I kept sniffing the bottle when she was showing it to me. When the polish is wet and just out of the bottle, it smells like normal nail polish. When it dries, there is a very light scent of roses, but it goes away pretty quickly. By the next day, I can’t smell anything, so that’s a little disappointing.

Because I dislike wearing only one color on all fingers, I decided to mix things up a little with the Glee-inspired Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails Appliques. I bought this set for sale from Sephora at $7. I’m a fan of Glee (though not as hard core as some of my friends), and I like the music note design. I won’t ever wear all of the appliqués, so set of 16 should last me for at least 3 or 4 more manicures. I won’t recommend Sephora by OPI if you are in the market for nail appliqués though. I find them a lot more plasticky and harder to buff to shape than other similar appliqués I’ve used. I would say Sally Hansen or Incoco are way easier to use.

I like the way the silver sets off the green, and I love the way it goes with a ring I recently bought from a store on Etsy called joojooland. I actually follow the artist’s blog and when she posted this ring in December, I fell in love with it. It’s so elegant and understated. Because I was in the middle of a move, I actually emailed the artist and ask if she could hold the ring for me until I’ve settled down. She readily agreed, but I felt bad, so I purchased it first and asked her to just postpone mailing it until I have a ready address. I love the ring even more in person when I received it. It’s adjustable and the slim and delicateness of it makes it so comfortable you don’t really feel it on. The matte gold tone is perfect, it doesn’t call attention but when you see it, it just looks so beautiful. I also bought a set of coral  earrings from the shop, which I also love and will review in the future.

I love that the color of Waterlily matches the new wrap jacket I bought from Horny Toad. Yes, the shop’s name is Horny Toad. My husband can’t stop himself from laughing every time he hears that. I bought a “Wrapture Fleece” that’s made from a material called cashmoore. I have no idea what it is, but it’s incredibly soft. I love the easy style of the jacket as well. There’s only two buttons near the collar, but it allows you to play with a variety of styles if you are so inclined. There are deep pockets for you to stuff your hands when it’s chilly, and the cut of the jacket is actually slimming even though it’s so, so comfy. It’s my recent go-to jacket


I miss the spring of Seattle, the pink blossoms falling everywhere. I miss the spring of San Diego, the vibrant jewel-toned colors of the ocean and flowers. I guess I still haven’t been here long enough to have a feel of home yet, but I hope I’ll soon discover the beauty of spring here in the Bay area.


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