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Causal Sunday Look of the Day

Sunday is usually Farmers Market Day for us. It’s a lazy day; we wake up late, stroll down the street where the farmers market is, and take our time browsing and sampling through the various stalls. We usually don’t buy much, maybe some fruit and healthy snacks, or some flowers. Sometimes we have brunch, sometimes … Continue reading

Spring Day Skincare Routine

Recently the weather has been getting steadily warmer, and I’m starting to see pretty blooms everywhere. And this all means one thing – spring is finally coming to the Bay area! With the arrival of the warmer weather, it also means it’s time to change up my skincare routine. I tend to switch up my … Continue reading

I Love Lacey Nail Polish

I had an event to attend yesterday, so I decided to switch up my nails. I only had about half an hour though, so it had to be quick. So I went with Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Polish in I Love Lacey that the hubs got me for my V Day Target haul. I … Continue reading

Hello Kitty Mon Amour Palette

I usually only write about products that I really love, excepting products I get in sample boxes. Today’s review, however is somewhat of a cross in between. It’s a product I really want to love, but sadly couldn’t. I’m not a Hello Kitty fan, but when I saw this palette online, I couldn’t help falling … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Target Haul

So the husband and I has been together for 10 years. Yep. Married for 5, but been together for 10. That made for a lot of V Days, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmases. Which means, the poor guy is pretty much out of gift ideas. Not that he had many ideas in the first place. The … Continue reading

Beauty Army January Box

I’ve gotten into this sample box craze awhile back and signed up for way too many sample box subscriptions. And I have to admit I’m way overdue for reviews. I decided it’s time to start reviewing the sample boxes and I thought it’ll be good to start with Beauty Army, as it’s one of the … Continue reading

Arm Party!

Arm Party day! I’m getting my watch serviced (which for reasons unknown will take THREE months!), but it means I get to rock the arm party on both hands for the period! On the right hand, I’m wearing the Helping Hearts bracelet from Count Me Healthy in rose gold. The bracelet is designed with a … Continue reading

Eyeliner Love!

  I think everyone has a make-up obsession. Something that got them into this madness. It may be dull skin, hence the ten bottles of illuminizers. Or pale lips, hence the fifty lipsticks stashed in the drawers. For me, it’s my eyes. I have tiny eyes. And that’s what got me into make-up. Any way … Continue reading

Scrub, scrub and scrub away!

Winter is the time for scrubs. I don’t know why, but when winter comes and the skin feels that much drier, I always feel like it’s time to break out the scrubs to get rid of that scaly skin feel. This winter, I tried a total of three scrubs, and thus decided to do a … Continue reading