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Eyeliner Love!


I think everyone has a make-up obsession. Something that got them into this madness. It may be dull skin, hence the ten bottles of illuminizers. Or pale lips, hence the fifty lipsticks stashed in the drawers.

For me, it’s my eyes.

I have tiny eyes. And that’s what got me into make-up. Any way of making my eyes look bigger than it really is, I’m game. That’s the reason why I have like maybe 20 eye shadow palettes in my cupboard. Seeing me holding the palettes in front of the mirror with brush in hand got my husband asking, “Why are you painting your face?”

Why eye shadows and not eyeliners, the make-up savvy amongst you may ask. Ah, yes, I know the secret to creating the illusion of anime-like doe eyes is in the eyeliners. Sadly, perhaps because I’m clumsy like a clown, I have never managed to find a eyeliner that I can handle. And believe me, I’ve tried.

I bought a variety of eyeliners, ranging from drugstore brands to high-end brands and to the lesser-known organic brands. I’ve tried pencils and gel liners that come in a little jar. I’ve also tried using dark shadows as liners. They either don’t show up at all (sadly, usually the organic brands), or smudge into raccoon eyes (usually the shadows). To be honest, it’s probably me. I have zero technique and holding anything that close to my eyes make me fumble.

So when I received the Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner, I didn’t really have high hopes. I guess I had tried too many eyeliners previously with disappointment. So imagine how happy and surprised I was when Stila’s Smudgestick turned out to be everything I wanted in an eyeliner and more!

This eyeliner is shaped like a pencil, but the formula is actually creamy. So unlike the eye pencils I’ve tried before, it actually shows up on the skin. It even shows up on my waterline, which previously refused to hold any color. The creamy formula allows you to smudge it after application if you want to wear it alone, but if you don’t, it stays put once it dries. Therefore, no raccoon eyes! The pencil shape and creamy formula makes it so easy to apply that somehow even the klutz I am can do it.

I got the one in Lionfish in my birchbox, which is a very pretty brown color. I was so happy with it, I immediately ordered another one in Blue Ribbon, a sweet blue color. I love the fact that both have miniscule flecks of glitter in them that adds a shine to the eyes. Blue Ribbon looks dark in the swatch above, but when applied to the eyes, it’s actually a little lighter, which I like.


I am really, really happy to have found this eyeliner; many thanks to Birchbox for sending this in my January box!


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