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Arm Party!

Arm Party day!

I’m getting my watch serviced (which for reasons unknown will take THREE months!), but it means I get to rock the arm party on both hands for the period!

On the right hand, I’m wearing the Helping Hearts bracelet from Count Me Healthy in rose gold. The bracelet is designed with a beautiful idea. It’s supposed to be a journal you wear on your wrist. You can use it to count and track errands, random acts of kindness or a health goal. As you complete each act, you move one of the beads over to a side. It’s delicately made and I love the rose gold color. Each bead has a tiny heart on it with just a little bit of bling. I use mine to count the glasses of water I drink everyday. I’m really bad at drinking more water, my mom used to call me a camel. So my new year’s resolution is to drink more water and the bracelet is helping me achieve this health goal.

I also love that Count me Healthy donates 50% of the profit from the Helping Hearts bracelet to WomenHeart, the National Coalition for Women with Heart Diseases, which was a reason why I chose this particular bracelet to purchase.

Another bracelet I’m wearing on my right hand is Black Wood Pop Bracelet from Baublebar. This particular bracelet was actually a gift from Birchbox in the month of Nov’10. I really appreciated it because I like this bracelet so much. I like the wooden beads, it reminds me of Buddhist beads somehow but done is such a hip style. The single paved bead really pops. It’s a great layering bracelet.

I’m wearing the Jewelmint Bowtie Bracelet on my left hand. I’m usually not a fan of bowties and ribbons which seem to be in the trend recently. To be honest, this particular bracelet didn’t really catch my attention when I first saw it. I thought it looked more suitable for a teen girl. However, I saw fan photos of it on Jewelmint’s facebook page and was struck by how delicate it looks. And when I saw it in person, I really fell in love with it. It is girly and the crystals add a lot of bling, but it also has a sophisticated charm to it. It can go with jeans and a simple tee for a casual day out, but it’ll also look perfect with a cocktail dress for a elegant night at the show.

I wore Cartier Baby Love bracelet on the right hand and Jewelmint’s Humanity bracelet on the left hand, and woven black suede gold chain bracelets on both hands. I talked about these bracelets previously in a previous post, so I’m not going to go into them again.

Seeing as how I won’t be wearing a watch for the next three months, it looks like there’ll be more arm parties upcoming!


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