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Valentine’s Day Target Haul

So the husband and I has been together for 10 years. Yep. Married for 5, but been together for 10. That made for a lot of V Days, anniversaries, birthdays and Christmases. Which means, the poor guy is pretty much out of gift ideas. Not that he had many ideas in the first place. The guy is typical computer nerd without a single romantic bone in his body.

So this year, the guy’s getting a little desperate because I’ve been vetoing his ideas. Flowers, no. Chocolates, no. Jewelry, no. I don’t know why, but I’m just not into the typical stuff this year. It might also be the fact that it was already Feb 12th when he got around to realizing Valentine’s Day is 2 days away and he haven’t got me anything yet. So, we were out doing some errands and I told him we need to make a stop at Target because I read that Target was doing clearance sales on some beauty products and I wanted to check it out. And while we were walking in the store, the husband had a brainwave.

“How about you buy anything you want here and it’ll be my Valentine’s Day present for you?”

Hm. Well.

It took me about a minute to decide.


So I originally went to Target planning on getting ONE Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish and the Sonia Kashuk Retractable Double Eye Shadow Brush, but I ended up getting a whole lot more instead. Because, hello? Valentine’s Day presents!

So here’s my V-Day haul from Target.

2 Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish, in Love Letter and I Love Lacey, Pixi Lumi Lux Radiance Powder, Poppy King The Magic of Lipstick Boots No. 7 in Glamour, Sonia Kashuk Retractable Double Eye Shadow Brush, and a random sage hoodie I picked up on the way to the cashier.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects’ Love Letter was the reason I went to Target in the first place. Sally Hansen’s Nail Polish Strips was the first nail polish strips I tried, and it remains one of the best nail polish strips I tried after the four or five brands I went through. I saw this particular design on a beauty blog and I love it. It might be the writer and book-lover in me, but I think it’s so romantic and yet simple. When I saw the I Love Lacey in person, I really liked the black and red design. I think it looks sultry and very valentine’s day.

Sonia Kashuk Retractable Double Eye Shadow Brush was the second reason for my Target visit. I read that it was on sale in another beauty blog, and indeed it was. It was $11 and cut down to $5. I thought it would be suitable for travel, with the double ends and the caps.

Pixi Lumi Lux Radiance Powder is another clearance item. It was $26 and reduced to $18. And I think it’s just a gorgeous palette. I’m such a sucker for packaging. I love the rose designs and the fact that there are actually four shades in one palette, beautifully laid out. I’ve used it once, but I simply swirled my brush around the palette to mix the colors together. The colors aren’t super pigmented, but it did give my face a glow. And it was a pleasure to use, the tray slides out nicely and the weight is just right.

The Boots lipstick was an impulse buy. I was in the market for a pink lipstick and came across the No. 7 in the aisle. A sales lady was standing by it and gave me the pitch. I think it was the words “limited edition” that made the deal. The lipstick is a little sheer, but it has a smoothing balm-like feel, so it’s not too bad.

Lastly, the sage green hoodie is a light comfy piece that I thought would be good for layering. And I seem to be really into the color sage lately.

And that’s my haul and apparently my valentine’s day present for this year. That a $3 bouquet of narcissus from the Farmer’s Market on Sunday. They are so fragrant and the scent spreads through the house. I do have the best husband, don’t I?
I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!


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