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Hello Kitty Mon Amour Palette

I usually only write about products that I really love, excepting products I get in sample boxes. Today’s review, however is somewhat of a cross in between. It’s a product I really want to love, but sadly couldn’t.

I’m not a Hello Kitty fan, but when I saw this palette online, I couldn’t help falling in love. It is entirely too adorable, but not in a cutesy, teen girl way. The artwork of the palette has a charm reminiscence of Le Petit Prince, and I loved that novel. The Paris theme is very romantic to me too. And to put the shadow pans in the form of balloons, so delightful and yet perfect!

I really, really wanted it. And I really, really wanted to love it.

When it arrived, the packaging didn’t disappoint. It is as charming in person as it was online. Sadly, the same could not be said of the shadows. They look so pretty in the palette and I love the pastel shades, but to say they have no pigment would be an understatement. As you can see in the swatches below, some of the shadows are basically invisible on the skin, and even the darker shades don’t last. Layering doesn’t work either. I wore the purple and lavender shades out on a date with the husband to the Golden Gate Park last weekend, and even though I took about half an hour to really layer the shadow on, they melted off a couple of hours later. The husband thought I wasn’t wearing any make up on at all, and he usually at least notice the eye shadows.

Therefore, despite really loving the design of the palette, I decided to return it. However, it’s really difficult to let go of such a pretty palette, so I took tons of photos before returning it and I’m going to share them here, memorializing the sweet and ill-fated relationship with the Mon Amour Palette.

Here’s the palette still in the plastic packaging. Even the plastic package is pretty, with gold leaves and branches.

And here’s the palette itself.

Details of the cover design. I love the Eiffel Tower and the  macaroons.

And the inside of the palette. It comes with a huge mirror and a separate drawing.

Close up of the drawing in the palette. Love the hearts on the Arc de Triomphe. I really love these drawings, they look like watercolors.

And the shadows in their balloon pans.

Isn’t it too adorable for words?!!! Unfortunately, the swatches look like this.

I’ve read that some people layer the lighter colors over the darker ones. And that makes the lighter colors show up. I didn’t try that before I returned the palette, and I don’t see how that would really work. Also, it’s too much trouble when I already have palettes that don’t require so much work to apply.

So sadly, the palette went back. If it were cheaper, I might have kept it just to look at. But the price tag of $42 for something I probably would never use means we had to break up.

I’m sorry, Mon Amour. I did try to love you. And I’ll always have pretty pictures to remember you by.


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