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Kiss Nail Dress

Regular readers will know I’m a huge fan of nail stickers. To date, I’ve tried nail stickers from Sally Hansen Salon Effects, Incoco Nail Polish Appliqués, imPress Press-on Manicure, and Sephora by OPI Chic Prints for Nails Appliqués. The nail sticker trend must really be catching on, because there’s yet another brand out there. I received the Kiss Nail Dress complimentary for testing from my February Love VoxBox.


According to the product description, the Nail Dress is available in 18 different styles, and some even feature 3-D jeweled designs. I haven’t seen any other nail sticker brands coming out with 3-D designs and I’ll love to try those out!

The set I received in is a pretty leopard design in pink and orangey-gold. I like it a lot, the animal print combined with soft pastel colors makes for a juxtaposition that I love – girly with an edge. It’s very pretty. The design I received is labeled KDS10 – this is a rare brand that doesn’t come up with cute names for their designs, I have to say I miss the names – they are part of the fun of nail polish!

I hate to wear the same design on every nail, so I added an accent nail of gold glitter over soft gold color on the fourth finger of each hand. The gold catches the tone of the orangey-gold spots and I really like the final effect.

Kiss Nail Dress comes in a little box with 28 nail stickers spread out on three plastic sheets. 2 sheets are exactly the same. In the photo, what you see is the remaining stickers after I was done applying 8 fingers. I only used half a sticker for one sheet and did not touch the center sheet at all. Although the nail stickers come in a variety of sizes, I have to say that the sizes don’t quite vary enough for me. Maybe it’s because I have small hands and nails? Most of the sizes provided are quite huge. One of the nail sheets (the one in the center) is entirely devoted to huge nails and I won’t be able to use them at all except on my big toe. After doing one manicure (for 8 fingers), I don’t have any suitable sizes left to do my baby finger again even though I still have quite a lot of stickers left. I saved half sizes for use on my toes so I can probably do one pedicure. These stickers are not hard to cut though, so I can probably cut the huge ones down to size. Although it’s a little bit of a bother, but I suppose it’s better to provide huge stickers that can be shaped down than tiny stickers that cannot be shaped up?

The nail stickers come with a little booklet that shows how you can cut the nail strips for more artistic looks. It’s a cute little bonus and you can check out the 3-D nail stickers.


According to the product descriptions, these nail stickers have built in topcoat and doesn’t dry out like other polish strips. From personal experience, Sally Hansen’s nail stickers dry out quite easily so I have a habit of keeping unused stickers in ziplock bags. I don’t know how true the claim is, but I also kept my extra Kiss Nail Dress in ziplock bags just to be safe. I also added a top coat just to be safe too.


In my personal opinion, I find Kiss Nail Dress on par with Sally Hansen in terms of how well it sticks to the nails and how easy it is to buff to shape. At $6.99, they are definitely cheaper than Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects, so I do think they are a good buy. Once they come out with more designs, it’s likely I’ll turn to them when I’m in a mood to buy nail stickers. I’m definitely interested in trying out their 3-D designs!



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