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Tarte LipSurgence

I wanted the Tarte LipSurgences the minute I saw them. For no other reason than the fact that they look like crayons. They are so incredibly adorable! The size and the way they are packaged make them an almost exact replica for the crayons I used to play with as a child, holding the fat sticks in my grubby fingers, drawing and coloring and doodling to my heart’s content on sheets of white paper and yes, sometimes on the walls.

I almost bought the entire box, except that a stick of these cost a hefty $24, not exactly the $1-2 a crayon use to cost my mom when I was a kid. So I settled for getting just two.

I bought Fiery, a matte red, and Pouty, the LipSurgence Lip Luster, a berry pink color. I chose to get a matte color and a color with a bit of shimmer for the variety.

I have to reiterate, the packaging of these LipSurgences are really genius. Not only do they bring me back to my childhood, they are also really easy to use. The length and width of the tube makes the lip tints a breeze to hold, and the pointed but somewhat fat end makes application a joy. The twist-up factor works well too. I really, really love the packaging.

Fiery is a true matte red. I don’t own any matte red lipsticks so this was a necessary addition to my collection. Because of the matte nature, Fiery tends to be a little unforgiving to chapped lips. But once you take the trouble to exfoliate your lips, Fiery promises a dramatic look. This shade is very Mad Men. I like to wear this on a theatre night or an evening out, with a natural face and black clothes, allowing the color to pop. If I’m going to wear this on a workday, I would usually blend it with a gloss to lessen the starkness of the color.

Pouty is my favorite of the two. It’s just such a pretty and natural color. The shimmer is subtle and makes the lips look fuller. It’s perfect on its own for everyday use. I wear it with just about anything and everything; it goes with every color. It doesn’t need a gloss over it because of the shimmer, but sometimes I like to go over it with another tinted gloss and the resulting color is always a nice surprise.

These LipSurgences are my absolute favorite now. I also love the fact that they have jojoba seed oil, vitamin C and E and are formulated without parabens. As a bonus, they also have a the light peppermint flavor it has because of the peppermint oil added to sooth the lips.

I would love to try the original LipSurgence Lip Tints in Spirited next, it’s a orangey-red color that I have never tried before. Seeing as tangerine seems to be the color of the season, a Lip Surgence tint would be a perfect way to introduce myself to this color. It seems to be a great color to wear with brights to welcome in spring!


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