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Fall Jewelry

Fall is here!

I love the change of seasons; it means the changing up of routines – skincare, make-up, clothes, accessories, shoes and more. It changes up things and gets me out of any ruts I got myself into. It’s refreshing and infuses a new energy into my life.

Sadly, living in California means that even though it’s officially fall, the weather here is still too warm to bring out my scarves, sweaters and boots. However, determined as I am signify the change of seasons, I decided to wear fall-themed jewelry.

I first saw this beautiful necklace on SilentRoses’s Etsy awhile back. Although I’ve seen leaf-shaped necklaces before, this necklace still stands out for me. It is a ginkgo leaf, and ginkgo leaves have a unique fan-like shape that makes it different from the usual leaf-shaped necklaces. Ginkgo leave also brings back college memories. Back when I was studying in Beijing, one of the streets on campus was lined with ginkgo trees that turn yellow in fall. Walking down the leaf-strewn streets with the crisp scent of fall is one of my favorite college memories.

I have to admit, I thought that the necklace will run closer to rose gold than yellow, however the necklace still has a beautiful antique finish. It is truly beautiful and unique. I was stopped at least once, by a guy, no less, to be complimented on how different the necklace is.

I also purchased a pair of leaves earrings from the same etsy seller. These are small patina earrings that really do look like dried leaves. I like them because I don’t really have green jewelry and these earrings fit in the niche marvelously. The tiny little gold leaves tinkle against the patina leaves when you wear them.

I wore this set out to our local Hakone Gardens on a beautiful summer-to-fall day. I was hoping that the leaves would have turned but I guess I still need to wait a few weeks. Meanwhile, Hakone Gardens is still a peaceful, green space.


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