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Fall Jewelry

Fall is here! I love the change of seasons; it means the changing up of routines – skincare, make-up, clothes, accessories, shoes and more. It changes up things and gets me out of any ruts I got myself into. It’s refreshing and infuses a new energy into my life. Sadly, living in California means that … Continue reading

Neon + Color Block style trend

The neon and color block styles were trending for spring, but I always thought they were more suitable for the viciously hot days of summer. Both aren’t really my style – I don’t usually go for bright and eye-catching colors. I barely have any yellow and oranges, much less to say neon colors. But I … Continue reading

Jewelry Bling of the Day – Star Sapphire

Love the way the sun brings out the star in my star sapphire ring today! I bought this ring is a hole-in-a-wall jewelry shop in Taiwan back in Summer’ 08. I love sapphires and wanted a star sapphire for what seems like forever. When I saw this ring, I knew it can’t be a real … Continue reading

Causal Sunday Look of the Day

Sunday is usually Farmers Market Day for us. It’s a lazy day; we wake up late, stroll down the street where the farmers market is, and take our time browsing and sampling through the various stalls. We usually don’t buy much, maybe some fruit and healthy snacks, or some flowers. Sometimes we have brunch, sometimes … Continue reading

Arm Party!

Arm Party day! I’m getting my watch serviced (which for reasons unknown will take THREE months!), but it means I get to rock the arm party on both hands for the period! On the right hand, I’m wearing the Helping Hearts bracelet from Count Me Healthy in rose gold. The bracelet is designed with a … Continue reading

in hope of spring nail polish

The first few weeks in the Bay area was met by overcast skies and rainy days, which although remind me of my lovely Seattle, also made me long for spring. In an effort to lift my mood up, I resorted to the color green. I recently came across reviews of the Dior Spring 2012 Garden … Continue reading

Ocean-inspired Nail Design

Perhaps it’s because I’m a water sign, but I have an unexplainable love for the ocean. The sea, the waves, the salty scent in the air, it all draws me near. I’ve been incredibly lucky to live near the Pacific Ocean for the last year, but sadly I’ll be moving soon. In an effort to … Continue reading

Fall Look of the Day

We had a week of lovely sunny weather over Thanksgiving; it was so warm it felt like summer! It made going back to work on Monday difficult, so I decided to dress up a little and do a look of the day. It helped so much in lifting up my mood; playing dress up is … Continue reading

Museum Arm Candy

Whenever I feel like I need a little perk-me-up, I find that taking a few extra minutes (usually like 15-30 actually!) to fuss a little with my jewelry-of-the-day never fails to add a little shine to the day, both figuratively and literally. And some days it just adds a bit of fun. So today, we … Continue reading

“Glam Night Out” Look

As a work-at-home (or cafes with wifi) freelance translator and part-time pilates instructor, I don’t get a chance to dress up very often. Add in the fact that the husband does not notice/care what I wear when we go out on weekends/dinners, and in fact would prefer if I don’t dress up as it takes … Continue reading